What Wood an Elf Do: How to throw an Elven Feast

It’s time for a new category here on Breakfast Second: What Wood an Elf Do.

This category will feature a look at the culture and traditions of Middle Earth’s immortal race. We’ll have posts on everything from Elven astronomy to how to write in Tengwar (the Elven script).

In this post we’re going to teach you how to have your very own Elven-inspired feast.

. . .

Poor Thorin and Company wandered around Mirkwood for nearly a month. Eventually they ran out of both food and water. They were about to give up all hope of ever leaving the dark and dismal woodland when they suddenly saw lights in the distance:

…a longish way off, it seemed, they saw a red twinkle in the dark; then another and another sprang out beside it. Even Bombur got up, and they hurried along then, not caring if it was trolls or goblins…it seemed plain that torches and fires were burning under the trees, but a good way off their track.

DSC_9298 copy

…they peered round the trunks and looked into a clearing where some trees had been felled and the ground levelled. There were many people there, elvish-looking folk, all dressed in green and brown and sitting on sawn rings of the felled trees in a great circle. There was a fire in their midst and there were torches fastened to some of the trees round about; but most splendid sight of all: they were eating and drinking and laughing merrily.

Gandalf warned Thorin and Company about straying from the path, but their hungry was just too intense. Without consulting one another, they all jumped up and scrambled towards the feast…

No sooner had the first stepped into the clearing than all the lights went out as if by magic. Somebody kicked the fire and it went up in rockets of glittering sparks and vanished. They were lost in a completely lightless dark and they could not even find one another, not for a long time at any rate.

The Elves ran off to another corner of the forest, and the Dwarves and Bilbo tried many more times to join their feast. Every time the Company stepped into the light, everything went pitch-black and the Elves scattered.

. . .

Bilbo and the Dwarves might have missed out on the enchanted woodland feast, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We’re going to lay out all the steps to having the perfect Elven feast.

Step 1: Find a suitable forest.

Having your feast in the woods or a forest is a must. It’s not a proper wood-elf feast otherwise. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of eating dinner under a canopy of green leaves.

DSC_0454 copy6.jpg

Β Step 2: Start your feast at golden hour.

Golden hour is the hour before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky and the leaves wondrously turn from green to gold. There’s nothing more magical than a forest during golden hour.


Step 3: Accessorize with flowers.

Elves not only love being in nature, they also love incorporating it into their fashion.

The elvish folk were passing bowls from hand to hand and across the fires, and some were harping and many were singing. Their gloaming hair was twined with flowers…and their faces and their songs were filled with mirth.

You can make a flower or leaf crown or simply stick some fresh buds in your braid or behind your ear.


Β Step 4: Make sure you bring enough lanterns, candles, etc.

The forest can be dark, especially once the sun goes down. Also, the gentle light from candles and lanterns add a sense of magic to the atmosphere.

…I dreamed I was walking in a forest rather like this one, only lit with torches on the trees and lamps swinging from the branches and fires burning on the ground; and there was a great feast going on, going on for ever.


Step 5: Prepare a meal worthy of modern day elves.

We tried to stick with an array of healthy, plant-based recipes. It seemed fitting since Elves live in such harmony with nature.

Our menu included: fruit-infused water, buckwheat galette with summer veggies, fig and arugula salad with pistachio pesto, millet-stuffed eggplant rolls, and vegan vanilla custard with roasted strawberries.

(Hover over items for links to recipes)



Step 5: Enjoy!

(And don’t let any Dwarves disturb you.)



Thanks for reading!

Remember: adventure first, breakfast second

-Marissa and Victoria


Models: Marissa and Ellie S.
Food help: Lucy D.
Flashlight holding: Lucy D. and Ellie S.

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